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Rick Hofsheier


Rick Hofsheier


Originally from Seattle, Washington, I called Denver, Colorado home, until my wife and I relocated to Raleigh in 1993, as a result of a job transfer with the Aerospace firm, Lockheed Martin. I retired from Lockheed in 2012 and found plenty of time for all of the activities not possible while holding down a full-time job. That included, among other things, moving onto a small farm where I help Toni take care of her horses. Like many people, upon retiring, the next chapter of life included more leisure activities and volunteering. Among other things, I keep busy working on my classic cars, and I have worked part-time at a golf course since 1996.  Since retiring, I spend several days a week either working or playing golf, and of course, volunteering for Helping Horse. 

I joined the Board of Directors as Treasurer, in 2012, and I also serve as Chair of the Finance Committee. My experience in Government Contracting made the position of Treasurer for Helping Horse a perfect fit. In addition to performing my financial duties, I often find myself helping out at the farm, performing various maintenance and construction tasks to keep the farm operating without problems. 

The wonderful work that Helping Horse does, making positive changes in the lives of so many individuals, cannot be overstated. While I don’t interact directly with the students, I am gratified to volunteer my time in other capacities, and know that this helps support the mission of Helping Horse. I am excited to continue being part of an organization that has so many dedicated people helping the special needs community. 


– Rick Hofsheier 

Treasurer, Board of Directors

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