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How To Help

There are Two Ways To Support Us

Helping Horse needs your help to continue to serve our students. Every dollar we raise though our local events and donations goes towards supporting our riders, volunteers and our heroes, the horses. Please consider making a donation or volunteering your time to help make a difference.

Make A Donation

Proceed to PayPal®

Proceed to PayPal®

Become A Volunteer

* New Volunteer Orientation, Monday August 28th from 6-8pm at the farm Sign up below to receive further information


Mail Your Donation

If you prefer to mail your donation instead of making a secure online payment please mail your check payable to Helping Horse Therapeutic Riding to :

Helping Horse Therapeutic Riding
P.O. Box 99609
Raleigh, NC 27624

Helping Horse, Inc. | 5104 Riley Hill Rd | Wendell, NC 27591
Financial information about Helping Horse, Inc and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 919-814-5400.  This license is not an endorsement by the State. 

How Your Support Makes A Difference


Care for 1 Horse for 1 Year


1 Year of a Student's Tuition


Care for 1 Horse for 1 month


Support 1 Instructor for 1 Month


1 Month of a Student's Tuition


1 Bag of Fertilizer


Provide 1 Safety Helmet

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Volunteer Opportunities

Helping Horse operates with the assistance of over 100 volunteers serving as Side Walkers, Horse Leaders, and Riding Instructors. Each position is vital to our daily operation. Below are descriptions to help you better understand each role before registering. We have training for all of them, so feel free to come out and learn about the position or positions that interest you.

For more information about volunteer opportunities at Helping Horse, please contact . Please include your name, any horse experience (not required), and the class you’d prefer to volunteer (Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues or Thurs).

New Volunteer orientation is held the first Sunday of every month (Sept – May) at 5pm on the farm. To register please contact .

Side Walker

A Side Walker’s responsibility is to the rider. They are stationed beside the rider for the duration of the lesson. This role offers emotional and sometimes physical support. It is important to note that certain riders will need direct support to ensure the success of the riding activities. A Side Walker may need to assist in carrying out instructions to the rider. Therefore this role requires the volunteer to be alert and aware at all times to the needs of both rider and instructor. You must be at least 18 years of age  (14-17  year olds may be evaluated by a member of our staff on an individual basis. Safety is our number one priority and volunteers must be able to react in an emergency situation). * If Helping Horse determines a volunteer is not at a level to volunteer at this time, he or she may reapply at a later date.

Horse Leader

A Horse Leader is a volunteer who guides the horse for the duration of the lesson. the volunteer’s responsibility is solely to the horse. This role requires the volunteer to be aware of their surroundings in the ring and the horse’s mood, gait and pace. Certain riders will need assistance in controlling their horses while others are learning how to guide their horses with light support and slight intervention from the Horse Leader. Training for all new horse leaders will be held the first Sunday of every month (Sept-May) at 6:15pm on the Farm. Horse leaders must have current horse experience and be at least 18 years of age. (14-17  year olds with horse experience may be evaluated on an individual basis by a member of our staff. Individual must show maturity, be able to handle and lead a horse without distraction and be able to react in an emergency situation). * If Helping Horse determines a volunteer is not at a level to volunteer at this time, he or she may reapply at a later date.


An Instructor is a volunteer who is specifically trained to meet the demands of our program. They go through training to prepare lesson materials for each rider. The instructor is charged with the management of all activities during a lesson including giving commands to riders and horse leaders. Instructors ensure that the horses are ready for lessons and are safely tacked.

Other Opportunities

Helping Horse also offers volunteers the opportunity to serve on several committees. Feeding, Special Events, Fundraising, Farm Maintenance, Social Media and many more! You can get more information about all of these opportunities by contacting our volunteer coordinator at .

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