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Jeff Spears


Jeff Spears


I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. After getting married, and graduating from college and graduate school, we moved to Des Moines, Iowa. From Iowa, we moved to Miami, and then Winter Springs, Florida, outside Orlando. In 1996, we relocated to Raleigh. We have grown to love this area and it is now home. 

We have five children and ten grandchildren. I have worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry for the past 25 years and absolutely enjoy the progress the industry has made in treating and relieving diseases. I enjoy reading, hiking and spending time with family.  

I have served as an officer in the Knights of Columbus at church, as well as participating as a member, committee chair and officer, in my past professional organizations, (Pharmacy), and a member, chair and officer within my current professional organizations, (Healthcare Computing and Pharmaceutical Industries.)

I began working with Helping Horse in the late 2000’s, by assisting my wife with different farm and horse related activities she was doing, as a volunteer. 

I saw the joy that the program brought to my wife. I also saw what this program does for its riders – instilling an incredible sense of accomplishment, as well as growth, for them. It is amazing to witness.

I am currently serving Helping Horse as President of the Board of Directors. I began this role in 2020. Previously, I served as Secretary, (2016), and Vice-President, (2019). I chair the Executive Committee, and serve on the Nominating and Finance Committees.

I am most excited for the potential the program has to grow and serve a larger part of the special needs community in the greater Triangle region, with our Wendell location. For more than 30 years, Helping Horse has helped riders of all ages and abilities. I look forward to helping Helping Horse continue on its mission to provide our riders the opportunity to reach their full potential and experience joy, through connections with our horses and volunteers.


– Jeff Spears

President, Board of Directors


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