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Dianna Bennett


Dianna Bennett

Events Coordinator

I started volunteering with Helping Horse after moving to Raleigh from Long Island, New York. Working with our volunteers and riders has been one of the best parts of moving to North Carolina. After a few years volunteering as a Side Walker and Horse Leader, I became a member of the Board of Directors, and have since transitioned to the role of Events Coordinator for our Operations Committee. I never gave up side walking or leading, because being with our riders and volunteers brings me such joy.

In the beginning, we only had a few events such as Rider Roundup. We have since added many more events to help get our message out to the community. We invite friends, family and neighbors to our intimate Breakfast at the Farm events. We host a BBQ dinner, in July, and a Holiday Festival, in December, for program awareness and fundraising. In 2019, we celebrated Helping Horse’s 30th Anniversary, with a large Gala. All these events directly support the services Helping Horse offers to riders. 

The Events Committee will continue to add more fun community events to our calendar. You can find our upcoming events here. Come see what our wonderful organization is all about! I hope to see you at an event soon. 

– Dianna Bennett

Events Coordinator


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