River P

River P is a 14 year old registered paint. River started his career as a Western Pleasure Show horse. After a suspensory injury he came to live with Alex here in NC. He needed something to do and has found that something with us here at Helping Horse.


Rocky is an 18 year old Hafflinger gelding. He was mainly a trail horse with a little bit of show experience. He is very curious and sometimes a little mischievous. Rocky is always happy, making everyone he meets happy too!


Rose is a 20 year old Hafflinger, she is a champion driving pony and was also used as a trail horse. She is very pretty, sweet and eager to please. She is doing well adapting to her new role and we love having her in our program!

The Fair family adopted Rose and her now sister Cricket years ago and gave them wonderful lives and are now sharing them with our family to the delight of our riders!


Buggs is a 25 year old off-the track thoroughbred. After leaving the racetrack he started his second career as a barrel racer. He retired from that several years ago and is now enjoying his time with the riders here at Helping Horse. He is also participating in our EAP therapy sessions.


Rosie is a 13yo bay appendix mare. Rosie is new to our program (Feb. 2021) and is learning the ropes well.  She is very sweet and gentle, her past job tends to make her a little fast and she is learning well to slow down and listen to her leader.  She tries hard to be a leader in the pasture and is making friends with her pasture mates.  Her owner has been a long time volunteer with us and we are so happy to have her as part of our program.


River is a 20yo chestnut pony mare.  She was a lesson horse for many years and recently had some lameness after jumping and was no longer able to do her job there.  Her owner wanted to keep her busy and she is sound at the walk and trot, so thought our program would be a good fit for her as we can keep her active but not too much on those joints.  River is a sweet, kind, tolerant horse and is still finding her place at the farm.  You know these girls are picky about who they are friends with, and River wants to be everyone’s friend.  She definitely has quickly become a favorite of our team with her bomb proof personality and sweet demeanor.  We hope to have her around for a long time!

Del Sol

Del Sol (also known as Sonny) born in 1995, is a registered leopard Appaloosa gelding who has been with Helping Horse since early 2014. Nothing bothers or spooks Del – he’s our most laid back guy. Our students love riding him because of his looks and some have practiced counting with his spots. Del’s favorite thing at Helping Horse is food ! He can be found grazing in the
pasture together with Tucker.


Jazz, born in 2003 is a black and white Overo paint horse gelding.  He started with Helping Horse in May of 2016.  Jazz is the quiet, persistent one in the pasture that tries to become the lead horse, but not always successfully.  He is a little goofy and makes us laugh often (or shake our heads).  Jazz was a trail horse for many years before coming to us so he is still getting used to being in the arena and being led. He is very calm and a little pokey so he works well for the program.  Jazz loves a treat and thinks everyone should have one in their pocket for him.


Rajun, born in 2007 is a dark bay quarter horse mare who came to us in July of 2020. Rajun’s owner used her in lessons at her barn for many years until Rajun starting having some slight joint issues and needed to lessen her duties. She is a great addition to our program and is great for our larger and more independent riders. Rajun is so sweet, but also very curious of her surroundings and needs to smell anything new in her environment. She loves to be in her pasture, but not alone! We are so happy to have her with us.


Brick born in 2000, is a strawberry roan appaloosa gelding who came to us in the Fall 2019. He was a show horse for his owner for several years and retired from his show days and came to work with us. He is our gentle giant, sweet and calm. Any of our volunteers can lead Brick and any of our riders can ride him. He loves to follow his buddy Jazz around in the pasture and always wants to be the first one to come to dinner. We would love to clone Brick as he is a perfect fit for what we do at HH.