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2020 Year End Fundraiser

Help Us Reach Our Year End Goal!

By making a donation today, your generosity directly impacts the lives of special needs children and young adults throughout the greater Triangle area.

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Proceed to PayPal®

Proceed to PayPal®

Galloping to Growth

Last year, your generous contributions of time, talent and treasure enabled Helping Horse to make the move to our new home. Our current riders and their families thank you! 

Each week, more families reach out to us, hoping to join our special program. But we are at capacity. The Wake County Special Needs community  needs programs like ours. And we want to be there for those who need us.

It’s time to invest in growth – to bring the joy of bonding with one of our special horses, our network of volunteers and our passionate instructors – to those riders on our waiting list. With your help, we can provide the transforming power of our therapeutic riding program to 25% more riders.  

This year, your donations will help us acquire and maintain more horses, train more instructors, and add staff, in order to serve more riders. Together, let’s ride toward a more promising future. For our riders, our horses, our community.  

How Your Support Makes A Difference


Care for 1 Horse for 1 Year


1 Year of a Student's Tuition


Care for 1 Horse for 1 month


Support 1 Instructor for 1 Month


1 Month of a Student's Tuition


1 Bag of Fertilizer


Provide 1 Safety Helmet

Thank You For Your Support!

Rider Testimonials

See how Helping Horse is making a difference in people lives.

Thank You To All Our Supporters!