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Eugenia "Gigi" Abney


Eugenia Abney

Caretaker and Instructor

Welcome to the farm! I’m the Caretaker for Helping Horse. I also instruct lessons on Wednesday mornings. I’m from the Adirondacks, located in upstate New York. My parents still reside there. My husband and I moved to North Carolina in 2017, in search of warmer weather. I was originally adopted from Moscow, Russia, along with my biological sister. My hobbies include camping and playing hockey. 

I have been with Helping Horse since 2019. I originally joined Helping Horse because the volunteer structure allowed me to come to the farm nearly every day, if I wanted to. I have always had a love for horses, and conducted feedings at a local farm, while I was in college. After a few short weeks at Helping Horse, I realized I was not only in love with the horses, but the riders as well. I quickly became more involved. I went from Horse Leader, to Instructor, to Feeder, to Caretaker at our Wendell location, in six months. 

I love that Helping Horse gives me the opportunity to bring joy and development to children and adults who face an everyday struggle with their disability. Horseback riding provides our students with an opportunity to demonstrate independence. Independence builds confidence, which in turn gives our riders the strength, physically and emotionally, to face everyday challenges. I will be forever grateful to Helping Horse for accepting me into their family, and allowing me to live on this beautiful farm and positively impact the lives of so many wonderful riders. 

– Eugenia Abney
Caretaker and Instructor

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