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Bethanne Tobey


Bethanne Tobey

Volunteer Coordinator

I was raised in Raleigh, and later lived in Wilmington, for 20 years. I moved back home to Raleigh, to be near my family. I’m the Assistant Director of Course Quality at NC State University. I’m an avid gardener, horsewoman and outdoor enthusiast, so when I’m not at NCSU, you can find me in the garden, or at the farm. 

I’ve been back in the Raleigh area for 6 years now, and one of the first things I did was look for a volunteer program where I could make a difference. I believe in living a life of service and volunteering has allowed me to serve others in the community. Helping Horse has been a perfect fit, because I work with both people and animals. Working with people is where I get my energy. I started as a Sidewalker, quickly moved to Horse Leader, and in 2020, I stepped into the role of Volunteer Coordinator, which has allowed me to expand my interactions with our wonderful volunteer team, and contribute to strengthening the Helping Horse community. 

When I found Helping Horse and began volunteering, I had no idea how quickly the riders and horses would capture my heart. I’ve made new and lasting connections and friendships with the other dedicated volunteers and staff at the program. 

Helping Horse continues to grow and think outside the box in all areas. Are you interested in a unique volunteer opportunity? Click here to learn how you can join our program. It’s exciting to be a part of a community that seeks to improve, innovate and expand its impact!

– Bethanne Tobey

Volunteer Coordinator

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