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Angela Davis


Angela Davis

Member, Board of Directors

It’s a pleasure to be working with such a fabulous organization! I am a native of Columbia, South Carolina; however, I have lived in the Triangle for a total of twenty-two years.

After graduating from Clemson University, (GO TIGERS!), and the Medical University of South Carolina, in Charleston, I moved to the Triangle for residency at the University of North Carolina. I rode horses in high school with a classmate who had horses. I also loved to trail ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, which was only thirty minutes from Clemson. It was a big thing for Columbians to attend the Carolina Cup steeplechase in Camden, South Carolina, every spring. However, once I started medical school and residency, it was tough to keep up.

After residency, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee, for a fellowship at Vanderbilt and it’s there that I started attending steeplechases and driving to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby. This connected me back to horses again.

Sometimes life has many turns and you either deviate off a road, drive into a ditch, fall off a cliff, or go full circle. Due to my friendship with my colleague, Jeff Spears, I was introduced to Helping Horse, in 2017. I had never been involved with a therapeutic riding program. I immediately knew how special the people who make this possible must be. I have worked with various organizations for adults and children with unique physical, developmental, or emotional needs, and each time I knew that when you see passion and dedication in an organization, they are special people placed in this journey for a reason, season, or lifetime.

I am pleased to be a Board Member and I hope that I can bring a set of life experiences to the organization, to help contribute to Helping Horse’s bright future.

– Angela Davis
Member, Board of Directors

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