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Helping Horse Annual Wreath Fundraiser

OCTOBER 1-31, 2022

Each wreath is $25 and $5 extra for a beautiful bow. All proceeds go towards our tuition assistance fund.

You can decorate your home for the holidays with our beautiful wreaths
and help a rider experience all of the benefits of our program

Pick up dates and times:
Sat Nov 26   9am – 12pm
Sun Nov 27   3pm – 6pm
Mon Nov 28   4pm – 7pm
Tues Nov 29   4pm – 7pm
Wed Nov 30   4pm – 7pm
Thurs Dec 01   4pm – 7pm
Sat Dec 03 Holiday Festival

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How Your Support Makes A Difference


Care for 1 Horse for 1 Year


1 Year of a Student's Tuition


Care for 1 Horse for 1 month


Support 1 Instructor for 1 Month


1 Month of a Student's Tuition


1 Bag of Fertilizer


Provide 1 Safety Helmet

Thank You For Your Support!

Rider Testimonials

See how Helping Horse is making a difference in people lives.

Thank You To All Our Supporters!