Our Horses

Contact our horse coordinator at horses@helpinghorse.org for more information about our horses.

All of the horses and ponies in our program have been generously donated by their previous owners, many of whom still check in on a regular basis. All of our horses range in size from 12- to 16-hands and are specially trained to accommodate the needs of our riders.


Chief, born in 1989, is a paint gelding who has been with Helping Horse for many years. While some may call Chief pushy, we prefer to call him “tough”! Chief is a very strong guy who carries our more spirited riders. He was formerly ridden while his owner was hunting so not much can scare him. Chief is a social guy and likes being with our herd and the many deer that graze in the pasture.


Bartab, born in 1990, is a gelding who has been with Helping Horse since 2005. Bartab is a big teddy bear who loves attention and is very gentle with our students. Bartab is one of our most patient horses and is used in every one of our lessons. Also, he’s kind of a messy eater, and you’ll typically find him with hay all over his head when he’s in his stall.


Jack, born in 1983, is a white Arabian gelding who has been with Helping Horse since 2012. He’s our “playboy” and loves attention. Although he’s only got one eye, he thinks he’s flashy and likes to show off for our mares. He’s usually waiting to greet our volunteers and students at the fence. Before coming to Helping Horse, Jack was used on endurance rides and even in fox hunting!

Del Sol

Del Sol (also known as Sonny) born in 1995, is a registered leopard Appaloosa gelding who has been with Helping Horse since early 2014. Nothing bothers or spooks Del – he’s our most laid back guy. Our students love riding him because of his looks and some have practiced counting with his spots. Del’s two favorite things at Helping Horse are food and Jack! Often, they can be found grazing and standing together in the pasture.


Esmerelda (or “Ez”) born in 2005, is a Quarter Horse mare who came to us from a local rescue in early 2014. She is blind in her left eye but doesn’t let that stop her from being in charge of her pasture. Esmerelda is a very curious and very “nosy” mare who likes to check out new things with her nose first. She’s very affectionate and loves her neck scratched. As Ez came from a mostly trail riding background, we’re working with her to teach her all the new stimuli (like toys and games) our classes include and in her first season, she’s doing very well.


Hope, born in 1998, is a Quarter Horse mare who came to us from a local rescue in early 2014. Hope is a retired hunter/jumper who suffered a hock injury that ended her show career. Hope has excellent manners and is our “princess.” She prefers to be pampered, groomed and spend time in the ring, but we’re getting her used to the dirt and the trails. She’s also a great teacher – not only for our riders but for Esmerelda as well!


Tucker, born in 1997, is a Tennessee Walking Horse. Before coming to Helping Horse he would do 20 mile endurance rides with his owner. He enjoys the students and loves going out on our trails. He is a favorite of our students and volunteers due to his loving personality. He has settled in well!


Howard, born in 1993, is a registered Quarter Horse. He is on loan to us from the Faison family where he spent most of his life as a Western Pleasure show horse, which he did very well. Howard has such slow smooth gates that some of our students are able to lope him, some even unassisted. He has settled into his new job very well and seems to love the students as well as the trails.


Bosley, born in 1999 is a beautiful Appaloosa gelding pony. He is brand new to Helping Horse and we are excited to get him started in our program. He is currently in training and we are hoping to get him started with our new season beginning in early September 2017. Bosley is on loan to us from Southern Oaks Stable where he was a lesson horse and we are thrilled to have him. Bosley settled in to the farm very quickly, he is gentle and very friendly. We think he is going to be an excellent fit for Helping Horse.


Jazz, born in 2003 is a black and white Overo paint horse gelding.  He started with Helping Horse in May of 2016.  Jazz is the quiet, persistent one in the pasture that tries to become the lead horse, but not always successfully.  He is a little goofy and makes us laugh often (or shake our heads).  Jazz was a trail horse for many years before coming to us so he is still getting used to being in the arena and being led. He is very calm and a little pokey so he works well for the program.  Jazz loves a treat and thinks everyone should have one in their pocket for him.