Heroes Campaign

Our horses are superheroes. They’re the reason behind the looks of joy spread across our riders’ faces. They’re the catalysts for the physical and developmental breakthroughs our riders experience each year.
Like most superheroes, our horses have special gear that helps them save the day. Things like shoes, fly masks, blankets, and supplements to fight the effects of aging are some the secret weapons that keep them strong.
So this fall, we’re committing to raising $22,500, the cost to care for each of our nine horses for all of 2018.  Join us in helping our horses be their best for our riders. 
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Tori’s Story


When Tori was three, she couldn’t get around without the aid of a walker. She was nonverbal, legally blind, and the prognosis from doctors was that she would be dependent on a device like a walker forever.
A month after her fourth birthday, her parents took her to her first session at Helping Horse. It took two volunteers to hold her up and keep her in the saddle. Three-and-a-half months later, Tori walked independently for the first time.
18 seasons have passed since her first ride and she has continued to grow through riding. Her various ailments can overwhelm her internal systems, but her parents have found that riding actually kick-starts and stabilizes her system.
Because of our horses, Tori’s parents weren’t forced to accept the doctor’s prognosis.
Because of our horses, Tori walked!